The Advantages of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

It’s much more effective for businesses to be proactive and work to prevent security flaws, rather than pick up the pieces after an unfortunate incident occurs.

One of the most effective ways to bolster your security posture is through closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems—a combination of mounted cameras and alarms that record uninterrupted video of commercial properties.

CCTVs provide a great deal of added security and are especially valuable when installed along larger, multi-storied buildings because the system can monitor all areas and can be linked to most networks or smart devices.

Possessing full visibility has several distinct advantages for commercial property owners and managers—from creating a safer work environment and enabling remote monitoring to deterring crime and capturing potential evidence of wrongdoing.

With all this in mind, let’s examine the many advantages of implementing CCTV security and which commercial properties can benefit most.

Advantages of Closed Circuit-Television Systems (CCTVs)

Crime Deterrent

By providing uninterrupted footage of a commercial property, its owners and managers can maintain full visibility over all the activity within a business.

This uninterrupted monitoring is a key component in preventing crimes and bad behaviors—best if utilized alongside other methods such as improved lighting.

CCTVs also act as a deterrent for internal criminal behaviors such as inventory theft and embezzlement, as employee theft costs businesses $50 billion annually, according to the educational institute Statistic Brain Research Institute.

By implementing CCTVs, businesses can leverage these trends and contribute to creating a more robust, proactive security posture that discourages criminal behavior in the first place.

Captures Potential Evidence

If intrusions or other offenses do occur, surveillance systems are incredibly useful in improving emergency personnel response and providing visual crime evidence.

Especially when officials are performing an investigation following an incident, security camera footage often serves as a crucial eye-witness account of the factual events that occurred.

This not only plays an important role in any investigation but helps bring businesses back to full operation after the disruption.

Enables Remote Monitoring

Today’s cutting-edge CCTVs boast impressive capabilities, especially compared to early iterations.

CCTVs enable you to leverage real-time monitoring from a single location and easily link to most networks or smart devices.

These updates provide consistent quality—day and night—that becomes especially useful in larger buildings with multiple floors, varied light densities, and other variables.

Create Safer Work Environment

By potentially reducing your exposure to crime and providing constant visibility in all your property’s spaces, CCTVs help foster a safer, more professional, and more productive work environment.

Further, it protects employees by identifying hazards and risks, helping prevent injuries, and potentially, lowering your insurance premiums.

CCTVs Use in Different Commercial Properties

Different types of commercial properties can harness the benefits of closed-circuit television system surveillance in several ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Warehouses: CCTVs help property managers monitor aisles, loading docks, equipment, and inventory.
  • Retail Stores: Cameras track customers entering and exiting shops, in receiving areas, and with store merchandise.
  • Restaurants & Bars: Videos are useful for monitoring register activity, customer gathering areas, and liquor storage rooms.
  • Office Buildings: Cameras follow employee traffic into and out of the building and car parks. They can be incredibly useful for highlighting workplace hazards and correcting risks before they cause harm.
  • Elevators: Most elevators have security monitoring systems to act as a safety feature in case of malfunction and deter malicious activity.

Double R: Your Security Solution

Regardless of the industry or type of commercial property, implementing CCTVs is key in maintaining a proactive, safe, and well-functioning workplace.

For more than 30 years, Double R has been trusted to install and maintain CCTVs in a variety of commercial settings—empowering property owners to leverage the unparalleled benefits of safety, transparency, and convenience it provides.

From installing CCTVs and cameras to ensuring your carbon monoxide detection systems remain compliant, our one-stop shop of security, contracting, and electrical are equipped to support you with unmatched expertise, quality, and a "customer-first" reputation.

As you continue bolstering a robust security posture, our skilled contractors will ensure all your critical systems are contributing to a safe, secure working environment, all the time.

Double R is an industry leader in the installation, maintenance, and inspection of closed-circuit television systems, fire alarms, emergency lighting, card access systems, and more. Contact our one-stop shop today to learn more about refining your security measures and safeguarding your property.

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